My work is based on metaphors that reflect the very personal and spiritual landscape of my experiences and is narrated through the figure in surreal background. The technique of combining acrylic and/or mixed media with relief sculpting adds an element of surprise, designed to draw the viewer deeper into the narrative. I use a variety of processes to coax the figure away from the surface of the canvas or paper, embedding hair, jute, beads, modeling mediums, hand-made papers, fabric, glass, sand and material that are indigenous to the creative, spiritual and spatial environment. My work is an autobiography reflecting the consonance and dissonance in life, which I attempt to share openly and honestly in resonance with the viewer.

A native of Washington D.C., I taught and coordinated art programs in NY, for the Board of Ed in the US Virgin Islands and in the Greenwich CT Public Schools system before retiring in 2014. Besides the technical and critical expertise gained in my long teaching career, traveling through the Caribbean, Greece, Cyprus, Venezuela, Mexico, China, Japan and Hawaii as a student of other cultures, have opened my eyes and heart to experiences that continue to fuel and influence my creativity”