Artist Statement

As a figurative painter, I transpose my subjects into surrealistic environments. My artwork portrays the very personal landscape of my experiences, past and present. It’s a mixture of painting and relief sculpting that continue to grow off the canvas. I try to engage the viewer with texture and relief, compelling them to take a closer look. The ultimate goal in my process is to create paintings that leave the wall or walk off the canvas.

My inspiration is drawn from the likes of Robert Rauschenberg and all who dare to attach the kitchen sink to their canvases, the Frank Stella’s who refuse to be restricted by the edges and the Frida Kahlo’s who paint themselves in an effort to understand and process their emotions. I often create and title in metaphors; reflecting, learning from and then framing the experience. The title of one of my pieces, “Dancing As Fast As I Can", is a metaphor exemplifying a period in life when I felt extremely burdened and  unable to access creative satisfaction. Almost all of the figures in my work are in motion-moving to, from, up or away.

I have an affinity for bright, bold colors such as teal, red, orange, cerulean and yellow, which come from living in the Caribbean, soaking in the sea, the sun and the sunsets for over 17 years. I’ve also found inspiration in my travels throughout Greece, Cyprus, South America, Mexico, China and Japan. I use a variety of processes to coax the figure away from the surface of the canvas by embedding glass, beads, fabric and papers that extend and sweep off the edges of the canvas, emphasizing the movement of the figure.

I always begin the work with a very basic, personal concept but the end result is a dialogue between the material, the medium and the spirit.