Artist Statement

As a figurative painter, I transpose my subjects into surrealistic environments that portray the very personal landscape of my experiences, past and present. They are a mixture of acrylic paint and relief sculpting that continue to grow off the canvas. I believe that this technique engages the viewer and compels them to look more closely at the painting to discover the many textures, dimensions and surprises within. My ultimate goal in this process is to create paintings that “walk off the canvas onto the gallery floor”.

Using a variety of processes in my painting to coax the figure away from the surface I embed objects such as glass, beads, fabric and paper that extend and sweep off the edges, emphasizing the movement of the figure.

I have an affinity for using bright, bold colors like teal, red, orange, cerulean and yellow in my work which may have come from living and sailing in the Caribbean, soaking in the sea and the beautiful sunsets for over 17 years. I also found inspiration in my travel and cultural experiences throughout Greece, Cyprus, South America, Mexico, China and Japan. 

My inspiration is drawn from the likes of artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and all who dare to attach the kitchen sink to their canvases, the Frank Stella’s who refuse to be restricted by the edges of a canvas and the Frida Kahlo’s who paint themselves in an effort to understand and process their deepest emotion. I also create and title in metaphors; reflecting, learning from and then framing the experience. The title of one of my pieces, “When One Door Opens....” is a metaphor exemplifying a period in my life when I felt very exposed and defeated, only to realize that when one finally leaves their baggage in a dark corner and moves forward, life does continue and even surprise. I’ve also learned through my work that life is a journey, not a destination.

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